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PARADE 2004 in Hannover Germany

great photos from the Rave 2004 in the city center of Hannover:

Raver and sexy girls on the Rave 2004

The parade has started at the Schützenplatz.  

preview: smal picture: big picture: description:
sexy woman have dispensed Flyers for the Soap Club resp. Tunnel, woman with Magnum-bottle sparkling wine or champagne
sexy - this are real short htpants, blue hair
SUNSHINE LIVE - impressive, a man schwänkt the Sunshine-Live flag
2 Girls, the also can dance good, one is waring a Armystyle trouser
sometimes practical to have a umbrella ...
Novum Truck
sunshine live - the radio station I like most
I do like the girl with the black hair, sexy girls are on the hood from the Truck number 9
Truck with the starting number 15
I also like to suck on ...
raving ravegirl

all photos are from Jan Meves  


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