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Cityparade Belgium

Cityparade the next City Parade starts at 17.05-May.2012 in Liege, Belgien. The last City Parade was at the 27.08.2011 in Brüssel, 21.08.2010 in Belgien Liege, 13.09.2009 in Belgien. page of the operator: http://www.cityparade.be/

photos of the City Parade Belgien 08.09.2007 photos

Video photos and music of the City Parade Belgien 2007: Video from 2007

photos of the City Parade Gent 2004: photos from the Cityparade in Gent 2004

photos of the City Parade Belgien 2006: photos Cityparade 2006

Cityparade Videos

City parade 2007 Mons - Video von: francoisreve

SHAKE IT! @ City Parade 2010

City Parade 2011 - Char Jim Mobile Red


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