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Generation Move

The G-Move 2008 was cancelled because of construction work in Kiel. The parade started at 16:00 near the main railway station in Kiel, Germany. In the Year 2007 are about 60000 fans on the G-Move. The weather and the mood were good.

links to photos and Videos of the Rave:

G-Move homepage

the page of the Veranstalters was gmove.de

Ravesite had sometimes Trucktickets ravesite.de

G-Move Truck Tickets for the 2007/05/19 where buyable at Tunnel:


G-Move 19.05.2007

Homepage von Sven Besel

pictures of the G-Moves 2006 von techno4ever.fm G-Move Kiel Part1 Album G-Move Kiel Part2 Album

Videos from the Gmove

GMove Spandex - sexy Girls

G-Move 2007 kiel 3 Video von HardstyleTKay

Routenplaner: http://www.falk.de/ Stadtplan Dienst: http://www.stadtplan.net/


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